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1.In the case of Hunt v. Liberty Lobby, American intelligence agent Marita Lorenz testified in a U.S. District Court case that she witnessed Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby in a discussion together at a hotel in Dallas, Texas on the night before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Testimony of Marita Lorenz.  

2. Robert “Tosh” Plumlee worked as a pilot involved in clandestine services matters for the United States government. In 1992, he gave an interview regarding his performance of duties.  In a November 21, 2004 Declaration given to members of the U.S. Congress, Mr. Plumlee stated that “[w]hen I later learned that Oswald had been arrested as the lone assassin, I remembered having met him on a number of previous occasions which were connected with intelligence training matters, first at Illusionary Warfare Training in Nagshead [sp.], North Carolina, then in Honolulu at a radar installation and at Oahu’s Wheeler Air Force Base, then in Dallas at an Oak Cliff safe house on North Beckley Street run by Alpha 66’s Hernandez group, who had worked out of Miami prior to the assassination.”    

3. In 2004, Mr. Plumlee swore out an extensive affidavit stating that he was in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, and flew into Dallas under the impression that he was  assisting a team sent to stop an assassination attempt on the life of President Kennedy. He stated that “[i]t was my impression at that time that I was flying an abort team into Dallas, comprised of John Roselli, a couple of Cubans and some people that I surmised were connected with organized crime in New Orleans. The CIA’s specific information about the assassination, which their field personnel had obtained from Texas informants and international sources, was past to Military Intel units attached to the Pentagon. Some of this information, I had been told, came from the interrogations of Two Cubans who had plotted to fire on Air Force One with a bazooka on November 17 in West Palm Beach, Florida.” [sic]    

4. In 1967, the Central Intelligence Agency established a formal Program to discredit critics of the Warren Commission. CIA Document #1035-960. RE: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report. This program established and pursued decades long efforts to counteract criticism of the Warren Report and of individuals who questioned the Report’s conclusion that Oswald was the assassin of President Kennedy and/ or that Oswald was the lone assassin of President Kennedy.     


1. Mary Meyer was a Washington, D.C. based painter, the ex-wife of CIA official Cord Meyer Jr., the sister-in-law of the Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee, and a lover of President John Kennedy. She was upset with the evidentiary deficiencies and conclusions of the Warren Report and vowed to make the record clear. On October 12, 1964, Ms. Meyer went for routine morning exercise on the path along the Georgetown Canal and was shot twice at point blank range.

2. A young black man fishing on the Canal was arrested shortly after the murder, tried and acquitted. The young man was not links to the murder by any forensic evidence, had no evidence of having recently fired a gun, and had no blood spatter or any other blood on his body or any of his clothing.

3. Professionals examining the bullet trajectories and other evidence in the case concluded that the killing was done by a professional hitman, a conclusion supported by Mary’s son Peter Janney and other authors.    

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