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Michael Connelly gave the first endorsement for this first novel, calling it "a legal thriller full of grit and charm and telling details from every link in the justice system food chain." 

Here is what others have said:

"Patrick Hyde does for Washington, D.C. what Dashiell Hammett did for San Francisco."  Katherine Neville

"Much like George Pelecanos, Hyde knows all the nooks and crannies, all the dusty alleyways and grotty street corners, that hover behind the capital city's shiny façade . . . a fresh new voice and another crime author who recognizes that a carefully evoked setting can steal the show." BOOKLIST (NOVEMBER, 2006)

"Hyde turns the legal thriller genre upside down when what looks like a clear-cut case becomes a trip into the realm of voodoo and the ugly side of politics." LIBRARY JOURNAL (DECEMBER 15, 2006)

"Patrick Hyde's exciting first mystery novel realistically portrays the Washington, D.C. legal system, but that's no surprise. Hyde is a veteran D.C. criminal lawyer who obviously knows the system inside and out." JOSEPH SCARPATO JR., MYSTERY SCENE REVIEW (Winter, 2007)

" . . . insider insights on the legal system, vivid characters, and fresh plot ideas . . ." THE JURY BOX, BY ELLERY QUEEN (MAY, 2007)

"Hyde has crafted one hell of a story. The plotting is superb. The characters are colorful and well developed. He isn't afraid to hurt or kill a loved character for the sake of the story. His style is classic noir, and is so engaging that readers will have serious trouble putting it down." TRACY SHARP, SPINETINGLER MAGAZINE (SPRING, 2007)

"Stuart Clay is the Timex watch of attorneys; he takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  The only rest he gets in the entire book is when he is drugged, beaten, and left for dead in a cemetery . . . a page-turner that will surprise the most jaded mystery reader." SUSAN ILLIS, NEW MYSTERY READER (JANUARY, 2007)


"Hyde has whipped up a tangled complex tale replete with a diverse set of mad characters enhanced with his knowledge of the legal profession . . . the plot's well-pacing with its twists and turns continually deceive readers- keeping them off balance until the last page." NORM GOLDMAN, BOOKPLEASURES (SEPTEMBER, 2006)

". . . unbelievable that it was his first novel. It kept me intrigued and in suspense throughout the whole book. I didn't want to put it down. Masterfully written and I can't wait until another one is available." TCM REVIEWS (2007)

"takes the reader on quite a journey through the court systems and seedy underbelly of Washington D.C. in the pages of this book.   His descriptions are very realistic and compelling, and the twist ending is well conceived.  Very noir in style, The Only Pure Thing is reminiscent of an earlier era of crime authors, such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett."  SARRA BORNE, FRONSTREETREVIEWS.COM (2006)

" . . . a great book for fans of legal thrillers.  You will absolutely love this story." PAIGE LOVITT, READER VIEWS (AUGUST, 2006)